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Evan Lee Breed.

Evan has a 16 year career in fitness as a top executive and celebrity level trainer in New York City and Internationally.

Evan's worked around the world training influential people including; Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow, JLO, Robert Downey Jr., Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian, Rose McGowan, & Olivia Wilde,

which lead her to being cast in HBO's critically acclaimed GIRLS and can be seen on the Season Premiere for the final season.

In 2021, while pregnant with her daughter, she created Heavenly Bodies Prenatal Project. 

This on-demand Prenatal movement program is designed to safely strengthen the expectant Mama for the body changes experienced in Pregnancy, and is safe for all trimesters.

Evan is also the wizard behind The Postnatal Project Heavenly Bodies and Moon & Moves - an astrology based class series that matches your personal movement practice with the cycles of the moon.

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Heavenly Bodies


Heavenly Bodies.

10 x Prenatal Streaming Classes + 1-1 Mentorship & Support w/ Evan. Prepare for a strong delivery and recover with a friend who understands.

Doors open for registration until Friday, April 21st.


*10 Streaming Classes, 3 Trimester Printable Calendar, Personal Coaching w/ Evan.

I'm so in.

“I've known + moved with Evan for 6 years.

And at every phase of my life she has been incredible!


We worked together one-on-one while we were both pregnant and I trust her completely with my body. 

She's made herself an absolute expert on prenatal training and helped me prepare my body for a seamless unmedicated labor. 

When I got to the hospital the doctors wanted to induce me, but I convinced them to give me some time. 

I put my yoga mat on the floor and did the positions Evan taught me. 

Less than two hours later, my baby was in my arms!” 

Meryl Ignaschenko - Client

Prenatal Bodies
Prenatal Project
Prenatal Project
prenatal Project
prenatal Project
prenatal Project
Prenatal Project
prenatal Project
prenatal Project
Prenatal Project
prenatal Project


Prenatal Project:

What you’ll find in these workouts is a blueprint for emotional, physical, and spiritual health for the 9 months of pregnancy and beyond. 

You can do this regardless of whether you are simply thinking about having a child, actively trying to conceive, or are pregnant with your 1st baby or your 6th.  

Dive Deeper:

Exercise is vitally important for health in pregnancy and helps keep you comfortable in your changing pregnant body. 

There is a way to enjoy your body moving while pregnant to “tune into” yourself more deeply, but more importantly, to tune into the spark growing inside of your womb. 

Instead of judging yourself as your breasts, hips, and waist grow during pregnancy - what if you see yourself as gorgeous, well-nourished, and an occasion to appreciate what your body is creating! 

Feelings of warmth, improved circulation, improved digestion, better sleep, and mental wellness are all benefits that you will experience from performing this program. 

This Prenatal Movement Program is designed to safely strengthen the expectant Mama for the body changes experienced in pregnancy.

The classes combine music with elements of Yoga, Pilates, and Functional Training; teaching you strength and stamina, as well as concentration and breath control - all invaluable tools on your journey. 

With Heavenly Bodies You Will:

Increase body awareness

Address the pelvic floor

Gain functional strength 

Activate the total body

*This program is safe for all trimesters and is open to all fitness levels.

What is included:

1:1 Personal Training with Evan

10 prenatal streaming classes (13 total with bonus videos)

Printable workout calendar per trimester

Bonus workout per trimester 

Weekly affirmations and quotes

Connection and community

Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer

Work with Evan 1-1


Private Training.

Work 1-1 with celebrity trainer, Evan Lee Breed.


Buy 5, Get 1 FREE virtual private training sessions (including a FREE 30 minute consultation) on sale now until my birthday on Friday May 26th.  

Private training time slots are open the day after Memorial Day on Tuesday May 30th and my availability closes on Saturday June 23rd. 

In this window of time we will train 1:1 for 6 sessions to celebrate YOU and all of the above, increasing accountability for staying consistent with our workouts while I help you learn proper form and what exercises will be most effective for you!

I’m excited to work with you and to help you on your journey with private training. Not only to support your body, but also your MIND and well-being.

*per session, packages available.

Personal Trainer



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