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Beyond Personal Training.

49 Day Mystery School & Personal Training Program.

Mystery School

"Kiya feels like my dear soulmate."

I’ve been immersed in the meaning of my path in life and dynamics in my relationships.

Kiya assisted awakening the wild woman in me and I promise to carry this legacy forward.

Kiya still plays a big part in helping me learn how to fuel naturally and turn on my engine + my life.

- Patricia Psychologist, NYC

Energy Magick

7 ways to activate your power:


I’m Kiya Knight, experienced personal trainer and group fitness expert.

My kinesiology degree focused on physical strength, flexibility, and stamina, but over time I’ve learned there’s much more to us than muscle and bone. 

Today I approach fitness from a deeply holistic perspective where personal training, group fitness, exercise science, and mysticism collide.

My clients gain greater mobility, stability, balance and deep core connection along with expanded awareness of their strengths, abilities, and unique energetic patterns and cycles.

Energy Magick

“This may sound cheesy but I was feeling lost without you!

Since we’ve connected I feel guided + supported so THANK YOU.

I was loosing momentum and honestly feeling intimidated by the technology.

I just wasn’t staying consistent and not doing the work.

Now I’m re inspired!”

- Evan Lee Breed, Celebrity Trainer NYC

Energy Magick

7 Rituals for Transformation.

24/7 access to your online classes + handouts.

AIR BAR CLUB Digital Studio.

Energy Magick

Modern Science + Ancient Wisdom.

Breathwork classes activate your body’s 7 Spinal Energy Centers.

Take The Chakra Quiz to find out what's happening with your energy.

Learn Basic Energy Anatomy - what, where and how your energy moves.

Master sensing, reading + clearing your own Emotions or Energy-in-Motion.

Rewire your nervous system, heal past trauma quickly and take back your power.

Energy Magick

Neuroscience + Mysticism.

Discover your “How”– visualize your “Why.”

Weave your future with words.

Discover and balance your 10 Bodies beyond the physical.

Achieve "Embodiment" allowing your body to lead and your mind to follow.

Work with your unique Kundalini Numerology Blueprint to understand your: Soul, Karma, Gift, Path and Destiny energies.

Energy Magick

Hustle + Release = Flow

AIR - Active Internal Resistance: learn to move more powerfully & intentionally from the inside out.

AIR BAR CLUB - A digital studio with new classes every few days: Breathe, Sculpt, Strength, Sweat, Stretch.  


Connect to your Teachers and other AIR BAR CLUB Members. 

Expert personal training that feels as good as it makes you look.

24/7 online access so you never miss a session.

Energy Magick

Nutrition, Elevated.

Nourishment goes beyond Nutrition and addresses your body's unique needs & desires.

Custom Meal Plan based on your specific goals.

Nourish E Book: Heal + optimize your body naturally w/ Power Shots, Juices, Smoothies + Elixirs.


Learn the 9 Anti Inflammatory Food Groups plus 3 foods to avoid.

Energy Magick

Hack Your Human Nature.

Work with nature to get results without the pain + struggle.

The 7 Laws of Nature are a guide to how your own human body works on an energetic level.

Cool huh?

Let's dive into your Astrological Birth Chart so I can show you how to navigate your unique life experience with less fight and more flow.

Energy Magick

Your Human Design.

Human Design shows you your unique energetic signature including:

How you do relationships, career, food, personal fulfillment, communication...

And that's just scratching the surface.

Uncover what’s been hidden in plain sight so you can learn to work with what you got.

Energy Magick

Know Yourself = Trust Yourself.

Let's activate your voice with Mantras.

Shift your energy fast and attract what you focus on.

Custom Mantras for: Prosperity, Well Being, Connection, Transformation and Healing.

Attune your body to the subtle signals around you using sound frequency and vibration.

Access your higher wisdom through intuition so you can change direction quickly.

Energy Magick

"Meeting and working with Kiya was an energy boom that I desperately needed in a time of tension and uncertainty.

Her motivation and consciousness of nature are empowering beyond words.

This allows me and others to see ourselves as strong individuals who can do anything."

- Alex, Corporate Ninja DC

Energy Magick
Energy Magick

Start now, where you are & work with what you got.


Imagine how you'll feel in 49 days.

Energy Magick is a 49 Day Mystery School & Personal Training Program.

- 6 Month Membership to AIR BAR CLUB Digital Studio.

- 7 Private Sessions.

- Online Course with 7 modules.

- Astrological Birth Chart.

- Numerology Report.

- Human Design.

- Custom Nourish Meal Plan + E Book.


- Get support to reach your goals: 24/7 Whatsapp support.

- 5 Personalized Movement Programs: Breathe, Stretch, Sculpt, Strength, Sweat.

- AIR BAR sent to you.

Sign up to get started immediately.

Energy Magick
Energy Magick
Energy Magick
Energy Magick
Energy Magick

Working with Kiya has been the greatest investment I’ve made for myself both physically and mentally.

Everything from the workout videos that are actually fun to private calls that always leave me encouraged and motivated.

Kiya truly cares about her clients and has a talent for helping others unlock their magick! 

— Carlene Hayes, Recruiter MN

Social Proof

Energy Magick.

49 Day

Mystery School & Personal Training Program.

What's AIR?

AIR is short for: ACTIVE, INTERNAL, RESISTANCE - A modern movement technology combining: Martial Arts, Primal Dance & Breathwork. I founded AIR BAR FIT to give powerful women back their dignity and guide you into the moves your body is actually craving. This may be the first "workout" you've ever done that feels awesome inside and out from start to finish. Cause when you feel good, you look good and that's how that works.  


AIR BAR CLUB is our digital fitness studio with 5 class styles: Breathe, Stretch, Sculpt, Strength, Sweat. We drop new classes every couple of days. You will receive a complimentary 6 month membership as part of the Energy Magick - 49 Day Mentorship.  

What's an AIR BAR?

AIR BAR is a 4 ft solid wood staff that comes apart in the middle and has a case to carry both pieces in your tote or Yoga bag. Your AIR BAR is included in The Mentorship. This simple equipment works like magick to help you feel supported, safe, powerful and even dare I say, sexy? Yeah, it's that good.

What are the 5 class styles?

Breathwork is the foundation of everything we teach. Breathing is your core human need for survival so master your breath and you have command of your energy. Stretch is combination of Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga. Sculpt builds inner strength and shapes + tones your whole body from the inside out, fast. Strength are simple 8 move circuits to help you burn fat and build unshakable stamina. Sweat is a somatic release through primal dance. Most classes are expertly formulated to deliver results in under 20 minutes.  

What do you mean 24/7 Whatsapp support?

As soon as you sign up using the pay in full or Payment Plan buttons, you'll receive an email with a checklist of simple steps to get you connected including connecting to the WhatsApp text app. No matter where I am in the world, I'm connected to my WhatsApp chat for unlimited support, to answer your questions or even just to make you laugh.  

What do you mean 7 virtual modules?

Over 49 days I'm going to lead you through 7 sacred rituals for epic transformation: ENERGY, MIND, MOVE, NOURISH, NATURE, ADVENTURE & SOUND. Having these 7 rituals in your life will provide a specific tool for whatever mood or circumstance you're dealing with. We know, life is messy so these skills work fast, naturally and sustainably over time to keep you grounded and centered in your energy. 

What's a Cloud Folder?

When you say yes to Energy Magick - 49 day Mentorship, I'll build you a personal folder in the cloud using Google Drive. Download the G Drive app to you phone and access your folder anytime, anywhere. Your folder will contain personal communications with Kiya, goals, mission, vision, Dream Journal, Numerology Blueprint, Birthchart, Human Design, handouts and checklists to keep you on track and progressing quickly.  

How much does it cost?

Energy Magick - 49 Day Mentorship with Kiya is $1,500 paid in full or 3 payments of $500 over 90 days. This includes: 24/7 WhatsApp support, online course with 7 modules you can access anytime, 7 private sessions with Kiya, 5 personalized class schedules, Nourish e book + personalized meal plan, AIR BAR shipped to you and 6 months membership to AIR BAR CLUB.  

Energy Magick

"I have never met a personal trainer like Kiya - and I've met a lot through my job as a fitness journalist.

Our paths crossed on a beach in Mexico, and I was immediately impressed with her.

Her unique combination of in depth knowledge, transformational energy, divine spark and dedicated interest in the people she helps is unmatched.

I cannot recommend her enough.

She is a star!"

- Vivian Songe, Journalist/Entrepreneur Norway

Social Proof

My life path in Numerology is 7,

the “seeker” so I studied science to understand the physical body and the natural world.


I’m a Manfestor in Human Design which means I’m a catalyst for new ideas and ways of being that shift the consciousness of society and solve problems


My birth chart revealed a rare 4 Planet stellium in Libra, which explains my need to create equality in the fitness industry by leveraging tech to offer world class personal training globally to more people at an affordable price. 

Let me show you how to maximize your physical, emotional, and spiritual potential in this life.

Unlock your gifts and activate your superpowers to feel better and have more fun, instantly.

I'll show you how.

Energy Magick

Energy Magick

MAGICK: The Science + Art of creating change intentionally.

Energy Magick

Birth Chart Analysis

Your astrological birth chart is a one of a kind energetic blueprint showing the position of the Planets and cosmic bodies at the time of your birth. The Moon is so magnetic it affects the ocean tides. Your body is 80 + percent water. The Law of Nature states, "as above, so below" because what happens above us has a direct impact on how we move, feel and relate. Once you understand your placements you can use the astrology report to "read" your local energies like a weather report.

Energy Magick

Human Design

When you know yourself, you trust yourself above all else. Human Design shows you how to navigate your unique energetic traits and get the most out of your natural gifts and abilities while being aware of what challenges you the most. Preparation is the key to success. Knowing your triggers and your strengths puts you in the driver seat of your body + life. Your design shows you exactly how you work best, relate to others, your personal style of communication and your core needs for happiness and peace.

Energy Magick

Kundalini Numerology Report

Your 5 numbers correspond to your birth chart and help you navigate your: Soul, Karma, Gift, Path & Destiny energies to capitalize on your strengths to avoid getting stuck in repeating energetic patterns and toxic cycles. Each of your 5 numbers connect you to your 10 Body System so you know where in your body these energies live and how to work with them to amplify your life force and turn on healing in your body. When you know why you came, it's easier to stay focused on your unique mission.

Energy Magick

Beyond the physical.

Become a Force of Nature.

Energy Magick


Understanding your Soul, Karma, Path, Gift & Destiny frequencies gives you an energetic roadmap for living your best life. Prepare for what you want to create and avoid energies that don't serve.

Energy Magick


Become magnetic energetically to your desires as you work with the placements + movements of the Planets above. Leverage your strengths to get an edge in life by getting into flow state vs fighting for your life.

Energy Magick


When you know yourself, you trust yourself above all else. Using Human Design, you can prepare and organize your body + life for success on your terms according to your specific needs.

Transform with Kiya.

4 Elements of Readiness.

Energy Magick


Get yourself grounded, take a deep breath and with the power of your readiness, say "yes" to Energy Magick by using the Pay In Full or Payment Plan buttons below.

Energy Magick


Want to jump on a call? Click here. Once you say "yes," you'll receive an email with your next steps. Kiya will be with you personally from your initial "yes" to the finish line at day 49.

 Energy Magick


Start burning through limiting beliefs, toxic patterns and self sabotage with Breathwork by activating your AIR BAR CLUB Membership, set up your first private session and take a look at the Nourish E Book.

Energy Magick


Find your flow.

Somatic Release helps you unlock your innate energy potential and release old e-motional stories from the cells of your body. Connect with the WhatsApp group for support and meet your soul tribe of mystics in training.

Energy Magick

"Yes" to Energy Magick.

49 Days of Results.

with Personal Trainer & Mystic, Kiya Knight.

Energy Magick

This is your miracle.

Energy Magick.

Use the form at the top of the page to get your name on the waitlist.

Can't wait to see you next season warriors.

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