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Less Stress. More Vibrancy.

By supporting your body’s nervous and immune systems, our adaptogen CBD oil drops promote natural stress relief and better sleep.*

We consulted the wisdom of Master Herbalists, PhD Chemists, and Cannabis Experts to develop this first-of-its-kind formula-- adaptogens, non-psychoactive cannabis, edible essential oils, and functional mushrooms are in one supercharged elixir.

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Take it now for stress or insomnia support, and take it long term to let the power of plants help you achieve optimal health.*

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At the end of 2018 my home burned in wildfire and I lost my 4 jobs, private clients and everything I owned. It was the cherry on top of a confusing/painful divorce + being kicked out of my own fitness company of 8 years in a naive business deal. For the first time since I began coaching/teaching internationally in my early 20's I couldn't lead anyone including myself. I searched every inch of the health care system to find help + support for my anxiety, depression and pain - I was unable to find solutions that work for my lifestyle or are sustainable in any real way. So I moved to a conscious community in MX and discovered adaptogenic herbs, CBD and other plant medicines that helped soothe my broken heart + rebuild my nervous system/physical body so I could function + get back to doing what I'm awesome at, leading fitness and coaching clients to be their ultimate selves. "

– Kiya Knight, Exercise Scientist/Energy Worker

Crafted with care.

Prismatic Plants is crafted with the wisdom of Master Herbalists, Ph.D. Chemists, and experts in cannabis. Every herbal ingredient is certified organic and our hemp is grown organically. All of our ingredients go through comprehensive testing to backup safety and efficacy throughout the manufacturing process. Our products are free of heavy metals, mycotoxins, and pesticides.



Promotes anxiety relief with natural hemp oil (CBD, CBDa) and enhanced energy from adaptogenic herbs in a day time tincture.



A night time CBD tincture for sleep support, with calming herbs, immune-enhancing adaptogens, and soothing cannabinoids (CBD CBN).



Awaken the senses, reduce muscle tension and soothe skin with this powerful body to face treatment.

We're on a mission to help people take control of their own health.

Meet Sarah, the Founder of Prismatic Plants. This is how Good Day + Night came to be.

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Throughout my 20s, I struggled with chronic health issues that left me exhausted, sick, and with a feeling that something wasn’t right. I became very ill from a parasite and the aftermath of being over-prescribed antibiotics. I could barely tolerate any food and maintaining my high-stress job felt impossible.

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I discovered the magic of CBD, CBDa, and CBN for fighting inflammation, decreasing stress, and helping my body heal itself naturally. By combining adaptogens, cannabinoids, and edible essential oils, I was able to find focus, decrease stress, and enjoy food (and life) for the first time in years.



While I was struggling with my health, I noticed the same symptoms in many of my peers, mostly women. We were all experiencing mystery illnesses related to stress and environmental toxins. It felt like we were running a race, but getting farther away from our best selves.


I quit my day job and channeled everything I’d learned into two powerful tinctures: Good Day and Good Night. These aren’t miracle drugs, or a band-aid solution. They’re plant-based support for your body’s own healing powers—so you can get back to feeling good; to feeling like the real you.

I hope you have a good day and good night, always.

— Sarah

Gentle on Mother Earth

We built this product to be good for people, and gentle on the planet.

  • Our extraction process uses zero fossil fuels.
  • And, our supply chain partners are based in the U.S. for reduced shipping emissions. 
  • Our packaging and shipping materials are eco-friendly and recyclable. 
  • We're proud members of Floret Coalition and give 1% of profits to organizations focused on women’s health and social equity in the cannabis industry.
  • Learn more about the organizations we support on our FAQ page.
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Voted best tincture by "Rolling Stone" Magazine.

100% Organic & Sustainable Ingredients. High-Quality Full Spectrum Hemp 3rd Party Tested and Verified. Formulated by Master Herbalists & Biomedical Chemists


Prismatic Plants is a female-founded company with a mission to modernize plant-based medicine and truly help people heal.

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Our products have been featured in Forbes, Vogue, Elle, Allure, GQ and Rolling Stone, as well as many other online publications and high-traffic blogs. 

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