If it feels good, you don't have to force it.

Your workout, your dance moves or your relationships.

When your workout is a ritual daily practice, discipline becomes devotion, you move beyond the physical body, going from “the mover” to the "one being moved."   



Active Internal Resistance (AIR) is a modern movement technology combining:

Martial Arts, Primal Dance + Breathwork.

AIR BAR CLUB is a Digital Fitness Studio offering 5 unique class styles.

So you feel safe, supported, fierce, sexy, free... and ready for anything.

You've been warned, your Shakti's about to get lit and there's no turning back.

“ You're not the fruit honey.

You, are the tree.” 

Start at the roots and never give up.

At Home Fit Studio



A direct path is most simple. Tune into your unique energy and discover what your soul wants so your body can work to harmonize with your real needs + desires.

Personal Trainer



Deep core muscle control gives you back command of your energy, your body + your life.

Take command, get clear, be well



Natural Law shows us how to harmonize with the energy around us by understanding that "everything is changing all the time."

Recreate yourself, on your terms.

I was told after several surgeries that I could never lift more than 15lbs. and "high impact" exercises were off the table for life.

Since AIR BAR FIT uses Active Internal Resistance I was confident I wouldn't hurt myself.

This was the first "training" I was able to do.

The program gave me strength in my core, arms and legs that I've never had.

With every session, I improved and gained even more confidence.

Today I am a completely different person.

I can run, jump and even lift weights.

More than anything though, Kiya taught me to believe in myself and not limit what my body is able to do. "


 - Jessica Roth

"I've never met a personal trainer like Kiya - and I've met a lot through my job as a fitness journalist.

Our paths crossed on a beach in Mexico, and I was immediately impressed with her.

Her unique combination of in depth knowledge, transformational energy, divine spark and dedicated interest in the people she helps is unmatched.

I cannot recommend her enough.

She is a star!"


- Vivian Songe

See why our clients say we're magick.


What makes AIR BAR FIT different?

When you feel good, you "look" good and that's as simple as it gets. The AIR BAR provides support + stability so you feel sexy, fierce, powerful + strong the first class and every class after... so your ritual daily practice becomes your medicine and movement becomes the ultimate vehicle for healing.

What if I need extra guidance?

Wanna get deeper than membership in AIR BAR CLUB? Purchase an online course or sign up for our annual Shakti Ignite - Transformation Adventure. When you sign up for the course: Become An Energy Worker, you'll work with Kiya 1-1 and have 24/7 WhatsApp text support - design a unique energy blueprint for your life, + learn how to recreate your results again and again using the Scientific Method + basic principles of Magick.

Why do you call yourself a "Women's Trainer?" 

Straight up - a woman's needs are different. I'm not a "feminist," i'm a realist. What I learned + experienced = know from working with hundreds of women over 20 years is that a woman's needs are deep, complex and multidimensional. And when a woman's needs are met- she becomes an unstoppable force of nature. In harmony with her masculine and at peace with the world around her. Magnetic to her dreams + desires. As much as women love to hustle, we need release. So I designed AIR to meet you right where you are, with what you got - and carefully, safely with support + compassion guide you into an experience of your full authentic expression.

What kind of results can I expect?

Emotion is E-Motion or Energy in Motion. When you move toward and beyond everything you feel there's space for you to recognize what's true for you. Aligned with your unique true north, you can take command of your energy, your body and your life. Sensations of stability, mobility, balance and deep core connection happen the first class. We show you how to move in a way that gives you access to your feel good chemicals everyday, all day long. So you're never without nature's most powerful medicine - you. It works like a miracle, feels like magick and it was there all along waiting to be activated + recreated by you.